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May 16, 2018
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A union made at the beginning of the year between Orchard View and Omeg Family Orchards is about to see the first fruits of its labor which means more high quality cherries from The Dalles’ best multi-generation growers.

Fresh Note
May 1, 2018
Sweet and succulent Angelino plums from Chile are this season’s premier stone fruit. No other plum compares this time of year!
Fresh Note
Apr 10, 2018

Operating in The Dalles since 1908, Omeg Family Orchards owner and operator Mike Omeg is a fifth generation cherry grower. With a master’s degree in entomology, he is an award-winning agriculturist and organic pest management conservationist, making him the epitome of a good fruit grower.

Fresh Note
Apr 4, 2018
These firm and juicy black plums are available until the end of April. Get them while you still can.
Fresh Note
Feb 13, 2018
Richly flavored plums from Chile available now. With a reddish-purple sweet flesh and deliciously juicy interior, treat yourself to one today.
Fresh Note
Jan 4, 2018
Warm up sales with these sweet cherries from leading Chilean grower Verfrut!