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Fresh Note
Nov 20, 2018
SunSelect red, orange and yellow bell peppers have started harvesting out of their Tehachapi, California facility. Contact Oppy to get these delicious bells in your stores today!
Oppy People
Nov 15, 2018

Growing up on the east coast and now residing on the west coast of Canada, Matt was born in Montreal, grew up in Toronto and now calls Vancouver home. Initially thinking he would want to work in the props department of theatre production, he switched gears at Toronto Film School to graduate with a diploma in film and television specializing in directing and editing. While that didn’t feel entirely right either he took one more swing at it and went after a diploma in graphic design specializing in branding and corporate identities.

Fresh Note
Nov 13, 2018
Long English cucumbers from Divemex are here! From our cooler to your fridge.
Oppy People
Nov 9, 2018

Congrats to the Chicago office for winning the Oppy Oscar for Best Celebration—Short Film!

Oppy People
Nov 8, 2018
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As part of our year-long anniversary celebration, each Oppy office was challenged to submit an original video showcasing their festivities celebrating our 160th birthday. Entries would be judged on originality, creativity, and the best representation of our history, and the winner would be featured on Oppy’s new YouTube channel.

The entries came flooding in, and the competition was tough! Here’s a look at the honorable mentions from the contest… stay tuned for the winning video tomorrow!

News Story
Nov 6, 2018
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With a winter apple program highlighted by four of the highest valued premium apples at retail, Oppy is set to help retailers drive sales with the best in flavor, crunch and eating experience through the months ahead.

David Nelley, vice president of Oppy’s apple, pear and cherry categories, notes between the BC Ambrosia, and Washington-grown JAZZ™, Envy™, and Pacific Rose™ Oppy offers four of the top 10 best-performing premium varieties in volume.