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Fresh Note
May 6, 2019
We’re harvesting organic blueberries and strawberries right now in California. Available in any pack style in the Ocean Spray® Family Farmer Owned™ label. Contact your Oppy salesperson today!
Fresh Note
May 1, 2019
Colorful grapes from Mexico are here to be enjoyed! With varieties like Flames, Perlettes, Summer Royals, Early Sweets and more, there’s a grape for every palate. We have organics, too! Get in touch with Oppy today.
Oppy People
Apr 26, 2019

Living in Delaware all her life, Joyce hasn’t strayed far from the city of New Castle which she says, is “15-20 minutes from almost anywhere I need to go!” She received a bachelor’s degree in communication management from Wilmington College, now Wilmington University, while working as a part-time receptionist for an auto dealer, moving to their marketing department after graduation. When the recession hit, Joyce decided to look for opportunities outside of the automotive industry as both she and her husband were in the business.

Fresh Note
Apr 25, 2019
We’re proud to present the freshest long English and mini cucumbers on the market today. Grown to the high standards of the exciting new Perpetual Vegetable Co. brand, these snappy cukes satisfy with every refreshing crunch.
Fresh Note
Apr 24, 2019