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Fresh Note
Jun 24, 2019
Two delicious pear varieties have arrived from Argentina—Packhams and Autumn Bartletts! Call your Oppy rep today to get them in your stores.
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Jun 18, 2019
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Both Oppy and Orchard View are rejoicing in more ways than one as another fast-paced, top-quality season got underway—which includes raising a glass to their decade-long union.

“We are very proud to be celebrating our 10th year as the exclusive marketer of Orchard View cherries,” said James Milne, vice president of marketing, categories and business development at Oppy. “We’ve established a strong partnership and it’s been a great fit because their season is only an eight-week window, they can capitalize on Oppy’s 52-week presence of meeting the top retailers in North America.”

Oppy People
Jun 14, 2019

Born in Thailand, Mai moved to the United States when she was six years old and currently lives in Visalia, CA. She majored in criminology at California State University but ultimately decided the field was not for her and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. “You can say what I currently do at Oppy is somewhat like forensic accounting,” she joked.

Fresh Note
Jun 7, 2019
Colorful grapes from Mexico are here to be enjoyed! With varieties like Flames, Perlettes, Summer Royals, Early Sweets and more, there’s a grape for every palate. We have organics, too! Get in touch with Oppy today.
Oppy People
Jun 6, 2019

Participating in the West Coast Cycle for Sight for the sixth time, team Oppy picked up four new riders this year. Our original cyclist, Doug Grant, who holds deep passion for the cause as his wife Sherry has macular degeneration affecting her central vision, couldn’t make it this year because he was out of town.

News Story
Jun 5, 2019

Recently appointed by Sun World Innovations to import and market its line of proprietary grape varieties, Oppy is set to offer fruit grown in any Southern Hemisphere country in alignment with market demand.