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Fresh Note
Feb 24, 2017
Hothouse cucumbers are the height of cool, especially when they're the first of the season. Origin Organic Farms has kicked off the year with some of the crispest cukes we've ever tried. Greenhouse grown, certified organic, marketed exclusively in the popular OriginO label.
Fresh Note
Feb 14, 2017

Outrageously Fresh sweet bell peppers available now from California!

News Story
Feb 1, 2017

What's Fresh at Oppy for February 2017 from Oppy on Vimeo.

News Story
Jan 31, 2017

With some of Peru’s most promising grape varieties now reaching our shores, Oppy is excited to offer a taste of what could be the favorite grapes of the future.

The cornerstone of the leading full service marketing and distribution company’s new variety line-up is the red seedless Sweet Celebration, just arrived on the U.S. East Coast. Sweet Celebration sizes 30-40 percent larger than a typical flame grape, measuring at about 28 millimeters—over one inch—in diameter. Perhaps even more appealing is Sweet Celebration’s brix of 18-21.

News Story
Jan 26, 2017

On the heels of a winning 2016 tomato season characterized by outstanding weather, high quality, and speedy sales rates powered by numerous successful ‘California grown’ promotions with local retailers, the Singh family of Oceanside, Calif., and exclusive marketer Oppy enter the fifth year of partnership with their eyes set on even greater horizons.

Fresh Note
Jan 19, 2017
Sweet, deep-orange and easy-to-peel Orri mandarins from Israel will be available soon. Keep your eye out for them in the Jaffa label.